Piano Lessons in Katy TX

As The Conservatory of Music in Katy, most people believe we only teach the classical literature of the piano.  This, however, is simply not true.  Although our instructors understand the importance of learning classical piano music, they also enjoy teaching their assigned students other musical genres such as pop, jazz, rock!  Simply put, our teachers are happy to help you become the pianist you want to be. Our piano faculty will show you the fundamentals of sight reading, technique and theory, but they will also incorporate your favorite songs into your lessons. Our piano teachers are very friendly and enjoy sharing their love of the piano with you!

Acoustic or Digital for Piano Lessons?

Do you need to have a real, acoustic piano to have lessons with us?  No, not really.  Of course, the ideal would be to have an acoustic piano at home before starting lessons, but if you don’t have a real piano, you can absolutely start lessons with our piano teacher in Katy by using an electric keyboard initially. We recommend a keyboard that has regular sized keys and a touch sensitive response. A touch sensitive keyboard means if you press a key harder it will play louder and if you press a key softer it will play quieter.  If possible, a keyboard with 88 keys (same like a real piano) is ideal, however, a keyboard with 64 or 76 keys can still work, although it will present minor challenges as the student progresses.

So, in summary, to have the best success in piano lessons with us, look for the following things in a keyboard:
1.  88 keys is preferable 
2.  Sustain Pedal (when you continue to hold it down, you continue to hear the sound)
3.  Touch sensitive keys (when you press harder, it sounds louder; when you press lightly, it sounds quieter)

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We are also proud to report that we are the ONLY Steinway-affiliated school of music in the Katy area, having upgraded all of our pianos to Steinway and Steinway-designed products in June 2017!

Young girl and boy taking piano lessons at The Conservatory of Music at North Katy
Young boy taking piano lessons at The Conservatory of Music at North Katy
Piano lesson instructor, Ms. Jaime, at The Conservatory of Music at North Katy

Ms. Jaime – Piano

Jaime comes to us from Arkansas, where she operated her own private studio for several years!  With a Bachelors degree in piano, Ms. Jaime can be a wonderful instructor for your child!  

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Piano lesson instructor, Mr. Mark, at The Conservatory of Music at North Katy

Mr. Mark – Vocals, Piano

Mark is one of our more senior instructors, having been with The Conservatory now for several years!  With a Masters degree in music, Mark is very experienced in teaching both vocal (singing) and piano.    

Your child will love taking music lessons with Mark!

Ms. Natalia, piano lesson instructor at The Conservatory of Music at North Katy

Ms. Yamile

Ms. Yamile was born in Cuba and began her musical studies at the age of 7 in vocational schools of art.  She studied for 12 years in the specialties of violin, piano and music theory.

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Yamile eventually became a professor in the subjects of theory and piano at the Jose White Music Conservatory in Cuba, and later the Dean of the Music Theory Department at the Nola Saigh Sainz School of Music in Ciego de Avila, Cuba.  Yamile has been teaching theory, piano and violin to children, teenagers and adults in both the public and private sectors for 18 years in Cuba, Venezuela and the United States.  Ms. Yamile is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian!  Enroll yourself or your child with Yamile today!

Ms. Bonnie, piano lesson instructor at The Conservatory of Music at North Katy

Ms. Bonnie – Violin, Piano

Bonnie D., a native of New Orleans, L.A., began her musical journey by taking piano lessons with her mother at a young age. After eight years of piano, she earned her opportunity to start studying violin.  


In high school, Bonnie worked for and played with the Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestra (GNOYO) under the direction of Maestro Jean Montes, while studying privately with her current mentor, Natalie Van Burkleo-Carbonara. During this time, she had the opportunity to perform side by side with members of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra for a collaborative concert, thus sparking her passion for the violin. She went on to win GNOYO’s concerto competition, playing Mozart’s 3rd Violin Concerto and performing with her collegues at Carnegie Hall as part of GNOYO’s national debut. 

Upon graduation, Bonnie went on to study at Loyola University of New Orleans where she earned her Bachelor of Music in Performance. As a student in the studio of Amy Thiaville, she held principle and concertmaster positions with both the Loyola Symphony Orchestra and Loyola Chamber Orchestra. During her time at Loyola, she continued to work with and volunteer with GNOYO as a stage manager and rehearsal assistant. In 2010 she substituted for Midori, rehearsing the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with GNOYO. Her senior year in highschool and freshman year of college, Bonnie was introducted to Michel Zaitzeff, a previous student of Josef Gingold. With and invitation from Professor Zaitzeff, Bonnie studied two summer semesters at Indiana University Bloomington with a focus in Orchestral Studies. There, she worked under the baton of Maestro Clifford Colnot as well as numerous up and coming conductors.

Bonnie has been teaching violin lessons since 2006 and enjoys each student she encounters. Thanks to her positive experience with members of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, she wishes to pass on that same amount of energy to each of her students. Register yourself or your child with Bonnie today!


Piano lesson instructor, Ms. Nazi, at The Conservatory of Music at North Katy

Ms. Nazanin “Nazi” – Piano

With experience teaching abroad in Iran and Malaysia, and domestically in San Diego and now here in the Houston / Katy area, Nazi has shown herself to be an experienced, organized, and energetic piano Instructor with a proven ability to get the very best out of students. Nazi looks forward to helping your child not only learn, but enjoy playing the piano.  

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Piano lesson instructor, Michael W., at The Conservatory of Music at North Katy

Mr. Michael – Piano, Guitar, Voice

Michael has a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Education from the University of North Texas, and has 15 years of experience teaching music in the public sector.

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Michael is a multi-talented musician with experience teaching guitar, piano and voice. He has been playing guitar for 27 years, and is experienced teaching classical, rock, blues and jazz guitar. Michael also has experience in solo and choral singing, and has 9 years experience teaching private vocal lessons. In addition, Michael also has several years of experience teaching piano lessons. Whether it is guitar, piano or voice lessons your child will love learning from Michael!   Register your child with Michael today!

Piano lesson instructor, Adrian P., at The Conservatory of Music at North Katy

Mr. Farzad “Fred”

Fred comes to us with incredible credentials, including having owned and having been the conductor of the largest symphony orchestra in Iran.  He has recently joined our teaching faculty as an instructor of piano.  A more detailed bio will be coming soon!  Register yourself or your child with Fred today!

Piano lesson instructor, Adrian P., at The Conservatory of Music at North Katy

Mr. Adrian – Cello, Piano, Guitar, Violin

Adrian is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the Moores School of Music at the University of Houston, and an additional Performance Degree.

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Adrian studies cello with affiliate artist Mr. Anthony Kitai of the Houston Symphony.

As a student, Adrian has studied under Veronica Saenz,  Efrain Munguia, Benjamin Ponder, and Tido Janssen. He has attended and performed in masterclasses under the instruction of Gary Hardy, Asaf Kolerstein, Walter Gray, Tomasz Zieba, Sarah Kapps, Barbara Thiem, Desmond Hoebig, and Tulio Rondon.

An avid educator, Adrian has taught both privately and in public schools. He has participated as a Solo and Ensemble judge for several school districts in South Texas. He currently holds a studio in Houston, TX and is an intern for the Houston Youth Symphony’s “El Sistema” based Coda program.

Adrian has had an extensive and multifaceted performance career. As an orchestral player Adrian has played with the Kingsville Symphony, Valley Symphony Orchestra, Opus Symphony, UTRGV Symphony Orchestra, UTPA Symphony Orchestra, and the Moores Symphony Orchestra. He is a member of Camarata Cellista, several chamber groups, and often performs in jazz ensembles. During the 2015-2016 season, Adrian toured with the UTRGV School of Music Choir as cello soloist and was a guest with several choirs across South Texas.

A native Guatemalan, Adrian hopes to raise awareness on the sociocultural impact and effects that music education can have within his home country. Upon completing his degrees, Adrian plans on performing educational concerts and teaching in areas with an underprivileged population.

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Piano lesson instructor, Adrian P., at The Conservatory of Music at North Katy

Ms. Jenni

Originally from a small town in Arizona, Jenni comes to us with over 10 years of musical training and many years of teaching. Ms. Jenni enjoys teaching children the many reasons music can bring happiness into their lives and help them with their future. 

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Although pursuing a degree in music, the majority of her teaching experience has been with children that have lost desire to play, special needs children, children with anxiety, and those that have a desire to truly fall in love with music. Jenni enjoys teaching the importance of vibration patterns, the healing aspects of music, and focusing on each individual need while watching talents grow. Enroll yourself or your child with Jenni today!


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